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What is Web Hosting Services for Your Business?

What, Why and How to Buy for Web Hosting?

When I get calls from people asking to host their website, my gosh they have so many questions. So, basically to save time on both ends, here is the quick link along with, “BETTER TO KNOW IN DETAIL ABOUT WEB HOSTING AND HOW TO BUY YOUR DOMAIN AT FREE COST WITHOUT CONSULTING CHARGES.”

Best Web Hosting Providers – Please Tell Me what is web hosting and how does it work? (link hosting or blue host)

“In short and original language if I explain you on call, it is a platform that gives 100% set up for your domain (the name you buy to come on the internet). Also, read more on how to set up business online.

(put the banner)

In case you don’t know about DOMAIN?

The domain is the name you buy from a web hosting company in India or International. This domain is like your authorized name to be on the internet.

FOR EXAMPLE, ***Strangers ask you, what is your name?”

You say, my name is “Judie Manuel or Anjali Sharma or Rahul Mathews etc.”

Now you thought right!

So, then ‘What exactly is the set you get when you

  • FTP Files upload
  • Email accounts
  • Website Building Tools
  • Website
  • Databases
  • Why it is necessary to buy the web hosting for my website?

    Web Hosting is a package from basic to unlimited set -up w which helps your whole data content who will be uploading or feeding your online set up just like your assets in your office set up. These set up online are valuable for your lifetime career as a businessman, artist, singer, blogger, vlogger, service provider, product seller, or as your profile mentions.

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