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Doctor Kshirsagar B.S a Senior Ayurveda Consultant

Know Dr. Kshirsagar B.S is Senior Specialist Doctor in the Treatment and Therapies of Ayurveda

Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Mumbai, India Dr. Kshirsagar is an ayurvedic specialist for more than 25 years as and has been working speedily on-going health issues like pandemic virus, immunity issues, mental issues, body health issues. The senior doctor is also mainly into cardiovascular treatments and muscular problems which are the most on-going health issues for people today.

Doctor says, no health issues for a person in today’s time can be too big and small, the moment harmful effects are in your body it will keep connecting and increasing from one part of the body to another. 

“It is always important to maintain health, let it be your headache or cramps in any part of the body, never avoid such symptoms.”

-Dr. Kshirsgar B.S

Doctor Kshirsagar is a B.A.M.S certified in the year 1992 from R. A Podar Ayurvedic Medical College with other medical courses such as Family Planning Technique and Skills, Reiki Master Course, Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy. 

Having a well-known personality in Ayurveda medicinal industry, doctor is limitlessly serving people in these crises. He is available! 

What the doctor is advising you in these times- 

  1. Take Precautions such as social distancing.
  2. Always use a mask while going out of your door.
  3. Continue using sanitizer to fight germs and bacteria.
  4. While being in the house, often wash your hands and face with water.
  5. Take Vitamins C, D and Product as follows 
  6. Take Doctors consultation if someone other than healthcare expert is following advising you any form of medication.
  7. Call or take an appointment from Dr. Kshirsagar to heal the roots of the diseases. 

Covid0 19 Prevention Tablets and Syrup Advised by the Expert

Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Guduchi Immunity Wellness – 60 Tablet or Take Direct Consultation 

What is Guduchi?

Guduchi is a Sanskrit word which means, “Complete protection for your body from the diseases and disorders.”

Other Name for Guduchi?

Guduchi is also famous, and it’s known as Amrita which means heavenly elixir according to Hindu mythology. It keeps one young as always. 

Manufactured by: The Himalaya Drug Company 

Dosage: You can take one tablet once a Day as Directed by the Physician. 

You Should Know About the Indications – (Hepatitis, Arthritis, Immunomodulator (Kamala, Vatasra and Rasayana)

Take Doctor’s Consultation 

Kshirsagar is open for Online Doctor Consultation. You can call! You can take the most in particular concept for your life through the natural ways of Ayurveda. 

Tablet Septilin

What is a Tablet Septilin?

Tablet Septilin is an immunomodulator in the complete treatment for the upper and lower tract of your breathing system (Respiratory Tract System). This tablet will also be a reflection of healing over your allergic disorder. 

Septlin is a medicinal made from a medicinal plant called Guggulu. 

Manufactured by: Himalaya Drug Company

 Dosage: You can take one tablet in a day or as directed by the physician. 

You Should Know About the Indications: Sinusitis, Tonsillitis, Olorrhoea, Furunculosis and other conditions that are septic. 

Take Doctor’s Consultation 

Kshirsagar is open for Online Doctor Consultation. You can call! You can take the most particular concept for your life through the natural ways of Ayurveda. 

Today almost everyone is following healthcare tips, some are buying immunity boosters online, and some are depending upon the capsules containing herbal ingredients. The main focus of population in today’s time to keep good health. 

Not to worry about health, Dr. Kshirsagar is taking a stand for every individual in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, and other parts of India for 100% health and hygiene. 

The doctor is on call for 24X7! Yes, you can take appointments for general queries and individual cases. Also, you can ask the doctor on how to maintain healthiness in these times of crisis. Take a turn around from lousy life from this present world phase of COVID -19 sustain your future. STAY SAFE!

Why Ayurvedic?

What is Ayurveda? The oldest form of a holistic approach for complete wholeness in the body?

Ayurvedic medicine is the most trending and holistic approach for everyone staying on the surface of the earth. It is the gift from the Almighty. God made the heavens and the earth. And he gave everyone the fruits, the trees and the leaves and the everything that is allowed to eat for the wholeness of the body. 

The approach of Ayurvedic comes into existence long back, and people believe it as is used for 3000 years and more. The medications are purely out of plants, the extracts of herbal juice and so on. The first study of ayurvedic and it’s holistic approach is to maintain mind, body and soul is highly recommended for everyone. 

“Ayurveda is the means of a direct communication of a holistic approach for your body.”

-Dr. Kshirsagar B.S, Senior Consultant

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