5 Sword Fight and Powerful Benefits of Blogging on Your Website for Your Small Business

***Facts and Figures from are from the Real Sources on the internet, Google Makes it all Easy!

When did call Judie Manuel for blogging? Okay! Thank you! we appreciate you and for some maybe you are new to my website, thanks for checking it out. Don’t leave unless you have read the offers and deal about blogs and benefits.

“Business blogs are always used anywhere to raise the voice of an individual or company together. What matters is the keyword domain of your product or service. Just like any blogs you found on my website. Each blog has its domain! What’s yours? Let us know! While keywords are used in the blogs to pitch your product or services, it becomes a publication on any search engine and helps the people to gather on your page to know the information you have displayed. And what’s next? Well, you increase your sales because of your voice.”

– Judie Manuel

Let’s see the 5 Sword Fight Powerful Benefits of Blogging for Your Small Business 

Judie Manuel on Google – Where is your company’s page?

It’s more helpful for search engines online

It’s my advice for all start-up or medium companies to start blogging on your website or the platform like Judie Manuel blogs. It will help Google to give you rank like never before. You will see the difference once you start blogging for search engine results. 

Increasing Connectivity by Strengthening Our Online Relationship

The more information you share, the more value to supply to your customers and clients around your local areas to international borders! The high scope of digital marketing always takes you to another level of success. The more online marketing and branding you perform, the better world you create!  

Higher rates achievement when there is high value to your domain on the Internet

Blogs can be used correctly like 360-degree angle rotational. It can leverage your sales if you keep in mind to blog and online market for 24×7 in a week and 365 days a year.

 Always unleash your marketing potentials from today. Set a deal offer! Call Judie Manuel.

Contact: Judie Manuel

Connecting Brand to People, Children, Teens and Adults 

Blogging for brands like you, be it start-up company, medium or a higher-level business is equally important as meeting your family members, friends, and other people while being on an event gathering. So are your blogs connecting loving and crazing friends who need your business product or service. 

Capture the Moments Once for Life-Time

Creates Business Deals Across the Globe 

Blogging is always a part of success for online marketing strategy. You can use any social media or blogging platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Article Blogspot or even branding website HubSpot or Judie Manuel Blogs.

Choose Your Category ! Start your own online business, sell our products!

Why Should I Use Social Media for My Business? Judie Manuel Explains

I agree with your part why you give importance to an advertisement in the newspaper. And that’s a great idea! Salute to the newspaper publication team, right from 1566 to 2020, who have emphasized more on newspaper advertisement or even publishing an article.

Well, you should not stop if you are actively posting on these platforms. Knowing the era of time, technology, print, design, news, and more has drastically changed for a better purpose. 

Explaining to you to join in the biggest market for business advertisements called social media. Applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more are twice more natural, smarter, and trending for advertising any product or service.

Social Media Marketing Unlock Your Business Online

It’s easier to use but in terms of techniques and experts’ experiences will fall short for a new user. 

So, Judie Manuel, often advises and offers you digital marketing courses and services for your business on any available platforms. No more holding on to lockdown, it’s all about unlocking your system credits. 

Welcome to my world of advertisement! Always be ready to blog out and socialize on Facebook! Happy to help you!

Book your space! Message Judie Manuel

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Designer Divsha’s Collection

Introducing the most amazing handmade products made by Divsha’s choice. Divsha has made the product with some precious stones and papers, beads and balls. All products are made by hand. Divsha is also trying to make the most exclusive earings that can be unique and also very pricy in the market.

More than ***100 pieces you can order! Happy to be creative for fashion and beauty!

Check out all the products

Divya’s Handmade Choice Earrings! Indian Fashion Culture!

For orders or customized handmade products call us! 9137220032

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Designer’s Handmade Earrings: Beauty!

Place an Order for more than 30 Pieces’ 9137220032/ Special Collections!

We bring you the best quality handmade earrings, made by Florencia’s choice! Crochet type sustains for a longer time!

You can place an order of more than 30 Pieces – Pre-Book! We will show you more designs that can suit your type of business requirement. For everyone who is into the fashion world contact us!

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Some Interiors You Need to Follow: Call Our Expert

We have some amazing work done by an expert, we are grateful to share some of the images that we found on the internet and we would be happy to help you for any of the following services you need from our end. Cheers!

Any Interior Service will cost you reasonable with perfect beauty to maintain in and around your space.

It’s your royal choice!

Call : 9137220032

The interiors can be excellently done in any space-

Hall Room

Picture Credit to @stylesatlife.com


Picture Credit to @home-designing.com

Kitchen Room

Gallery Space

Picture Credit to @archpaper.com

Ground Space

Picture credit to @panelsfurnitureasia.com

Terrace on the flat roof

Picture Credit to @ofdesign.net

Also Call for services like-

  1. Interior Consultation
  2. Water Tank Set-Up
  3. Electrical Supply Set-Up
  4. Modernize Technology in the Kitchen
  5. Decors on Walls
  6. Farming System
  7. Security System in the BuildingComplete New Set-Up
  8. Wiring or water pipeline replacement services

Call 9137220032

DAYJOY Chicken Masala, Mirchi Masala, and Haldi Powder: Buy and Earn

Day Joy Chicken Masala

Well, buy any Chicken Masala (Murgi Masala) or Mirchi Powder (Chilli Powder) or Haldi Powder (Turmeric Powder), or any other Day Joy Products. You will find a vast difference with between the two brands. You can buy, use, and let us know the feedback. Day Joy is a newly formed company, just like amazon. It has a limited number of products but increasing swiftly to gather more OG tags from Traditional Indian Culture to be natural and original.

Now Why I choose Day Joy? Any Masala you purchase online from Day Joy using Judie Manuel referral code, you get in just like a family member. You are not only buying the product but also earning points values to win prizes and cash flow in your bank account. One can easily have a count on expenses along with income generation. Now we have made it easy for you to buy the Masala Packages and even sell off by becoming a sole distributor. 

Joining in will allow you to team up with Judie Manuel for training and increase your own zero investment business online in India. Just sign up with the link, as mentioned! 

Sign Up 

Detailed information on the value of the product. Follow the data as given by the expert. 

1.Chicken Masala 

Coriander seeds, Red chilies, Iodized salt, Black pepper, Turmeric, Garlic, Cassia, Dried Ginger, Fennel seeds, Cardamom, Amomum (black cardamom), Cloves, Nutmeg, Mace.

Check out, how to make a most delicious spicy chicken for your family- 

You will need the following- 

Chicken 1 Kg

2. Ghee or Oil 100g

3. Onions 3

4. Tomatoes 3

5. Deggi Mirch 15 g

6. DayJoy Chicken Masala

7. Salt to Taste

8. Yogurt 100 grams

9. Water 60ml

10. Lemon Juice 2 tsp

11. Kasturi Methi 2g

Let the Cook Follow the Recipe –

Wash 1kg chicken into pieces and keep it aside. 

How to wash the chicken? 

  • Always put 3 tsp of turmeric powder and mix it well, let it fully be applied to each piece you have cut.
  • Keep it aside for two mints and then wash it with water 
  • Put 1 tsp salt as the most effective cleanser 
  • Wash it with water, twice 
  • Now you can put some turmeric powder, mix it and keep it aside

2. Heat 100g Oil/ ghee in the Pan, put the onions in the Pan, make it fry well till you get the perfect taste and swell of golden-brown flavor. 

3. Add on 3 Fine chopped tomatoes, 2 Deggi Mirch, and 15g of DayJoy Chicken Masala and salt to taste. 

4. Stir it well to let it be cook in simmer for 2-3 mints. Now add chicken pieces, mix well. Keep the fame on low flame. Cover it for 20 mins. Finally, you can open and smell the soothing aroma. 

5. Add 2-3 tsp of lemon juice and 2g Kasturi Methi and serve hot. 

*** Once you open the Day Joy Chicken Masala pack, please keep it in an airtight container. Please keep it in a dry place away from the heat of the sun. 

‘This is the only recipe to be prepared without any extra efforts; we call it quick chicken recipes on the table!’

What is the specialty of Day Joy Chicken Masala or Murgi Masala?

The masala powder is originated from ancient times, looking at the Rajasthani style of cooking and taste. The origin of traditional cuisine attracts peoples. We keep it more original for any Indian folks to order online. Refer Link. Sign up and earn! 

The statistics show many cooks like chefs, Housewife and experts are using 10 Homemade Masala Recipes that Will Make Your Cooking Flavoursome.

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Times When Your Immunity Is Weak, Low and You Need Help

Get the Most Needed Product for your Health in This Times and Seasons

Best in this Season – 2020ASTHPRASH IMMUNITY BOOSTER

You are looking today all about immunity health, which is equally essential for you and your family. We have taken a step forward to find out many natural medications that are perfect for your daily use and build your stamina and support to your body. It helps everyone a vital immune system. It protects the body from harmful substances, germs, and any cell changes observed in various parts of the body. 

You are looking at the analytical data of children and adults suffering from disease and disorder. If everyone could follow the most essentials for life would be maintaining your immunity health. It could cover a lot more health problems for you and your family. 

Know the importance of maintaining Immunity for your health, the concern that would heal your root cause. Before going further with the best natural immunity boosters, it is imperative to avoid the following bad habits that may be harming your body system. 

How can I boost my immune system fast?

Here are the top Healthy ways to strengthen your immune system, they include the following- 

Say NO to Smoking 

Experts do say, and smoking kills you, you would not believe it until and unless it backslashes you with some severe lungs’ disease. The fact is real. You can’t have other learning or teaching to prove the doctor’s saying right or wrong. 

Here are a few things to dig in fact by the medical website called NHS – National Health Service

Report by NHS

By https://www.nhs.uk/smokefree/why-quit/smoking-health-problems

It’s always good to say “No” to smoking and get excellent health. Start following the change as given to you by healthline.com.

Healthline explains what all you can do to maintain the natural anti-smoking – 

According to the Eastern way to smoking cessation, the best way to make it happen is to take the experts to advise on herbal supplements. You can take a doctor’s appointment. The most common or most crucial first step, which you can make, is Lobelia tea. The Lobelia tea is much useful; the drink is the extract from its plant, which in general can be functional medicine for the respiratory system and lungs. It helps in breathing problems, clears your bronchitis system. 

Available Now!

The best use can never be compared with other medicines for newborn infants when they suffer shortness of breath. 

The more uses are always of Lobelia is listed for skin applications and muscle pain, Joint lumps. It is also wonderfully used for rheumatoid arthritis, bruises, sprains, and other infected areas. 

This way you are helped by the doctor as well as by taking care of yourself- 

A quick and natural approach to smoking cessation- 

  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet
  • At most avoid sugar and caffeine as both can increase blood acidity and also shows similar kinds of symptoms
  • Mediate techniques like exhaling and inhaling are the excellent help for your lungs 
  • Always keep exercising and reduce stress and promote a healthy relaxation
  • Water is another superb liquor that helps the body to maintain free off toxins and acids
  • Be watchful of triggers that may be the tempt and craving for drink, alcohol, arguing with your spouse, or even going to the party.
  • Sleep well in the night times

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For Doctor’s appointment call us – 9137220032

The Very First Blog of Dr. Kshirsagar, Senior Doctor- Welcome!

Doctor Kshirsagar B.Sis the top and senior consultant in the field of Ayurveda.

Even today as the world is fighting the deadliest diseases and disorders, Dr. B.S is online and helping many people in this crisis of Pandemic effects in the atmosphere. With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Kshirsagarbest ayurvedic consultant in Mumbai, is now connecting directly to people of all age. 

If you ask Him, “I want your appointment.” He will set a time for your consultation. Call or message him anytime during the day time from morning 10 am to evening 9 pm. 


Initially when Judie Manuel was asking the doctor how can ayurvedic be so sure to sustain life for longevity. As the question is arising from some people who do not take ayurvedic at all, and as they have believed that the process of treatment is quite slow. To clear this question, J.M. is answering for you one by one. Doctor’s consultation directly advises any information displayed on the banner, blog or another form on this website.

This blog also assures that any generic medication advised or displayed on www.judiemanuel.in is highly proved and recommended by the healthcare industry. You can either take the general medicine as the doctor prescribes after his consultation.

Dr. Kshirsagar holds a degree in B.A.M.S. from R.A. Podar Ayurvedic Medical College, Worli, Mumbai. Since then he is actively a practitioner for people in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Ahmednagar and across the borders of Maharashtra. 

His profiles also include family planning techniques and skills which are conducted by M.C.G.B. and family planning association. Being well trained in medical and healthcare areas, doctor has also completed a Reiki Master Course. He has also completed the Acupuncture Course with practical and clinical theory to treat the patient.

Consult your case now! Call 9137220032 to take your appointment!

Find Your Rental Car

Own Your Type of Website NOW! SERIOUSLY!

Let me give you a brief in conservation, I am bored to repeat the same sentences of explanation.

Check out the Design and Module! Offers Accessibility 100% Guaranteed!

I (JM Services) started giving website development services since 2014, this makes me more have relevant knowledge about what and how you want your website to look.

You: Tell me about website and its functions and looks?

JM Services: Website is just like your Company Profile is displayed on internet by purchasing the basic necessity which are provided by Hosting Offers for domain and web hosting. To read more click here all about web hosting and step to buy online.

You: I have heard there are many types of website and according to my requirement which you will offer me? Please explain in brief.

JM Services: Yes Sir, according to your requirment we will have to create a dynamic page where you will be able to add on more content and visuals.

So basically, there are two types of website which is needed as per your business,

The very type one is the STATIC ONE! Okay, it’s the pages created for you website which cannot be changed quite often. You need this kind of website when you set up a fixed amount of content for a particular type of company profile display.

Note the following information about-

**Statistic website pages are often made with HTML codes and related documents.

**Later according to the need of the client an expert can easily convert the website into Dynamic pages as required.

Examples of static website are as follows-

Stat Trek***

Training and Tools for Statistics


Science and Intelligence

Khan Academy***

Education and Training Online

Dynamic Website Type of Website

The second type of website is a dynamic website, it is to progress the content timely. You can change anytime and anywhere just by having access. Website Development in Mumbai has the most authenticated key role to play. Being an expert we handle your web hosting services more securely while you are started your own online setup for business. 

Some of the examples include –

  • WordPress blogs
  • Blogspot Blogs and many more which gives you new blog or content every day to make too aware of products and services. It’s that great, if you want to start right now visit WordPress hosting by one of the most reliable web hosting companies national and international.

You: Is that it?

JM Services: You can have many other types as per your business requirement, it identifies from basic software to many kinds of online portals.

You: Okay! Let’s make the deal!



.COM @ Rs.699 For 1 Year

Digital Market

Digital Marketing Services for Small to Big Companies in Surat, Pune, Navi Mumbai and Mumbai

How will you react if your neighbor is already into the digital marketing world and some of your mates have already gone online? What if I tell you the number of people increasing online every day is more than 5% every day? What would be your reaction? Anyway, it is for your profit! Contact for Clarification.  

It has come to real study that adults are constantly using the internet for 10 important things to learn today on various Digital Marketing Platforms like on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Audacity, Zoom Meeting, Go To Meeting, Google Collaboration Tool and many more. Find the link.

  1. Digital Communication
  2. Healthcare Consultation Online
  3. Finance and Banking Online
  4. How to Cook Food Online
  5. How to Attend Class Online
  6. How to be a Musician Online
  7. How to Start Online Education Schools
  8. Marketing Products
  9. Selling Services Online
  10. Work from Home Online

Now the exact figure I minutely studied by Pew Research. Although many people have been totally buying few things online or take the service online but today this online buying and selling has not been the same as it was few years back. Meaning to this is marketing online has not been the same today, it has taken a big time turn around for many users around the globe. With increasing amount of people on internet, there are increasing amount of applications and online technologies coming in to makes human lifestyle easy and to be independent for living. As you can already see the changes happening in digital platforms. Everything is been taken controlled by the technology, be it education, learning, financing, marketing and selling and likewise activities which needs no human support.

Digital Marketing and technology are in use for business and learning. This is the biggest news today’s world.  You can be assured of for all the services you need at your business level, trust is the factor above all! Contact for the following services.

  1. Social Media Optimization
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. WhatsApp Marketing

Marketing online at least from this year 2020, it has become more impactful and effective for businesses, education and future financial securities.

Marketing has always been about connecting with the right audience in their perfect timing. This means you have to meet them while you are marketing online.

Click here to download our free guide to the basics of mastering the level of digital marketing fundamentals [Download Now].

You will see Judie Manuel explaining more on inbound marketing as it really affects the business level. It is more powerful to attract, engage, and make people happy than ever by giving the exact information of the product or service they need. Not too many but few important questions I have selected for people having maximum queries around the globe. If you are in Mumbai, Pune or Surat contact for effective digital marketing services we provide.

Find out more on each question our views and impact around the globe. Keep reading, if required download or get a fresh start for your start up business.

 Click the links below to jump on each question, or keep reading to see how digital marketing is carried out today. What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing includes efficient tools for communication and covers the topics of present marketers selling or want to sell the products services online. Often companies hold on to digital channels such as search engine optimization, social media, email, and most of the tools used for online communication, marketing, or advertising.

Digital Marketing, Why?

A seasoned inbound marker may reason the similarity of inbound marketing along with digital marketing but on should understand it has a light twist around with minor differences to communicate and present your brand.

And looking at the Analytics for conversations across Asia, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and many others. It has come to the knowledge that both have a very small amount of difference.

Digital Marketing Examples

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Pay Per Click (PPC)
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Native Advertising
  7. Marketing Automation
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Online PR 
  10. Inbound Marketing
  11. Sponsored Content

Who is a digital marketer? How does He play the role in Digital Marketing?

This stage is a vital one for digital marketing for your business and brand awareness. Any business or brand not having any digital marketing strategy like example: Facebook or Instagram profile which is the least requirment for any business to show up in the industry market. Now days digital marketing is the most common and important for business at any level.

Some of you at entry level grow with branding online reaching the niche competitors makes you more competitive yet more original in the market. So, at basic level everything starts with having a website or a social media page through which we as digital marketing will be able to identify the weakness and strength for your brand online. Anyone in our team of digital marketing, we have skills to strategic your textual, graphical or visual content to seemingly grow your reach and you’re your sales conversion.

Now as a client you are just have to see the business growth, whether online like and shares with conversion or by the analytical that is set to show the ROI.

Read and Learn More! Get the Best!

How to play the Role of Digital Marketing for Your Brand or Business Company?

My package for branding marketing today is much reason for your start-up company on JM brand services. Unlike any offline marketing, now from this month of July 2020, August 2020, September 2020, October 2020 and November 2020, December 2020 you can plan your online marketing also called as a digital marketing strategy for your audience without delaying. Just with the minimum amount.  

You can also plan out for the entire year 2021.

Marking You Brand Known Among People looking for You!


Join In Now!

Now to test how many people are clicking on your website or Facebook page and take the example of amazon after typing the product you need.

Entrepreneur Official Computer System

Always set up the most influential marketers online allows you to market your brand only to help people know you better than other company brands. It’s you or no one! This helps you to pull the crowd on your website. Your role as a business owner is to call JM services and set up your identification online.

You just need three things to make it live-

  1. Domain
  2. Web Hosting
  3.  Company Details


CALL NOW ! 9137220032

The discount of amazon 2020 July 2020 for every in India, Maharashtra

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